Saturday, January 5, 2008

These five words I swear to you

It's the year of less.

Less weight, less clutter, less procrastination, less giving up what's important to me. I was really inspired by my friend Emily's blog and did some real thinking about what my resolutions should be this year. I'm about to sit down and make a plan, in writing and everything, but here's the gist of it.

First, less weight. I am not happy with my body and I don't think I'm all that healthy either, so I have a plan now to get more exercise and eat better.

Less clutter - Ryan and I were talking the other day and agreed that where we live doesn't feel like home, to either of us. So I am going to go through the house, methodically, and get rid of things we really don't want/need/use. I have always had a hard time with this, because I feel guilty giving things away that were gifts or were passed down to me. Now, I have decided that what I should feel guilty about is having all this stuff that I don't even use, when so many people have so much less. And maybe once I've cleared out what isn't us, I'll be able to bring in some little things that do reflect the family living here.

As for the last part, I am going to stop feeling guilty if I take time for things like reading, blogging, baking, sewing, scrapping...things I like that make me happy, but that are often purely selfish. For almost six years I've been putting other people first, mostly my kids. They will still be my priority, but not so much that I lose who I am along the way. I am a mother, I am proud and happy to be one, and wouldn't trade that title for any other. But it's not my entire identity, it's not all of who I am. At least, it shouldn't be.

So, that's a brief overview of my resolutions for 2008. More to follow, but for now, I'm going to go make my plans.