Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sick sick sick

I'm too tired and feeling too crappy to even try to come up with a song lyric for the title. I took the afternoon off, partly so I could take Rylee to the doctor but also because I felt like crap. Got Rylee in to see the doctor on call (our family doctor doesn't see patients Wed afternoons, but is part of a family health care group so there is a doctor on call outside of normal office hours) Turns out she not only has croup, she also has an ear infection. So we're both hacking and coughing and she's in pain in her poor little ears on top of it all. Sammie is also coughing quite a bit. Hailey was but seems to be better. Ryan also had it, but seems to be mostly over it, and just felt nauseated tonight. We're a sad little bunch in my house. I'm going to bed now. Here's hoping I actually get to sleep through the night tonight.


jodi13 said...

I am all about chiropractors for ear infections - clears up the infection in about 10 seconds - seriously. I have 3 friends who were to have tubes in their kids ears - surgery's scheduled and everything - then they went to the chiro and now all have been ear infection free for I think more than a year. Just my 2 cents - but I have personally seen it work on my kids and in others as well.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with the comment on chiro, but our experience is with lung infections! Isabelle did about six months straight on antibiotics for pneumonia and bronchitis, then we started taking her to chiro and it's now been a year and a half with not one lung infection! (knock on wood!!)