Monday, February 11, 2008

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?


I said I was going to take more time for stuff like blogging, then fell off the face of the blogosphere. It's just been a little crazy around here. Kids were sick, then really sick, then I was sick, there was a SuperBowl (and a party that didn't happen because the wee one had what might have been chicken pox, and just about everyone who was going to come to the party couldn't be exposed to chicken pox), and I don't really remember what else. Many, many books :) I got lots for Christmas and have taken lots of my own time to read them. I am now officially one of Jennifer Weiner's biggest fans (I highly recommend Little Earthquakes). I received her first book, Good in Bed, for Christmas and it's the only one of my Christmas books I haven't read yet. I'm trying to put it off because the sequel is coming out in April, and I'd like to read them back to back. I've been inspired by Daph, so I'm hoping to hit the library today and pick up some of the books she's read lately.

Library, you say? But it's Monday. Shouldn't you be at school? For that matter, why are you posting at 9 am on a Monday? I was getting ready this morning, had already showered and put one contact lens in, when I thought I heard Ryan call me from the bedroom. I paused, but didn't hear him, and Sam, who was watching me, said she didn't hear him. Then I heard him again, went into the room and lo and behold, he's holding out the phone, saying, "Phone. School's cancelled." I was shocked. I checked the weather forecast last night and thought there might possibly be a snow day on Tuesday or Wednesday, but not today. I love snow days on Mondays because I don't have planning time on Mondays. Also, I had pretty much nothing ready for today because I was in Quebec City last week with the gr 8's, didn't get back until 9 pm Friday and had nothing at home with me to plan for today.

The trip, by the way, was fabulous. I'm a big fan of making your big trip in the middle of the year. This is something I learned in high school. A trip like this one is a bonding experience, for everyone who goes. There is a lot you can do with a group that has bonded like that, and it's a shame to not have that experience until May or June and be limited as to what you can do with it. In high school, our senior band always went on a big tour through the US in March. We'd come back a different group, and the band director learned way before I got there that if you could get the kids bonded earlier in the year, it made for a better band. So he had all of us out to his house out in the boonies for a weekend in October, where we did trust exercises and group-building stuff and it was amazing. I loved that weekend almost as much as I loved the tours.

So now I have this whole day in front of me, all to myself. Ryan is at work out of town (just for the day, not an overnight trip or anything) and since the schools in town are still open and buses in town are still running, I don't even have to go pick Sammie up and take her to school this afternoon. I have a huge list of things I want to accomplish today - library, groceries, some cleaning - but first, breakfast.

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TheElementary said...

I enjoyed reading this. Morning is my favourite time- especially on a snow day. I hope you got good books at the library!
Nice post.