Saturday, February 21, 2009

All-Acadian, northern lady-an, a real Canadian girl

Really, I've just been dying to use that as a post title :)

Tonight I played hockey at 8, and had a lot of fun even though we lost (again) and I didn't score any goals (again). We voted tonight on most improved player and most sportsmanlike, and I think I have a good shot at most improved. I'm not sure when the results are made public.

After hockey I drove very slowly home on an expressway that was so covered in snow you couldn't see where the lanes were. It's been snowing since Wed or Thurs. Ryan left Tues. I haven't been shoveling the driveway and obviously, neither has he. Tonight I decided it's time, so after playing hockey, I shoveled the driveway.

Now I'm having a beer. It doesn't get much more Canadian than this.

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