Friday, February 23, 2007

My girl

Tonight Sammie went to the Rangers game with her daddy, who just got home from Montreal. They came home a little bit early because poor little Samster was falling asleep in her seat! Ryan is playing hockey tonight, so he brought Sammie in, got his stuff and left again, leaving me with some one on one time with Sam. I don't get a lot of that these days, with two more demanding little ones to take care of. I feel bad about that sometimes. She's only four, she still needs cuddles and hugs with Mommy. But because she's the oldest, she's the "big kid" and doesn't get as much of that affection. Of course, she got way more as a baby than the other two have because she had my undivided attention. Anyway, she curled up on the couch while I chatted with Ryan for a couple of minutes, then I went to her and put her on my lap. We cuddled like that for a little while, then got her pyjamas on and said prayers, and I carried her up to bed. That hasn't happened in a VERY long time, because I'm usually carrying Rylee. It was just so nice to have that time with her tonight. She never complains about not getting my attention, or about not getting cuddle time, but I know she loved getting it tonight. And so did I.


Daphne said...

Two first-born daughters bonding. So sweet.

Anonymous said...


was just reading through a bunch of your posts and had to smile when I got to the 'happy friend day' message. I find that it's one of life's great mysteries how you can be going about your daily life and for no reason, without warning, someone will pop into your head. Sometimes I feel guilty for being out of touch, sometimes I just enjoy the moment remembering about happy times together, and sometimes I wonder what that person is going through right now and is it connected to me thinking about them? Personally, I believe that God puts these people on our hearts and minds and we should act on these moments. Weather it's an old friend or a new one, they are one of lifes greatest blessings and should be cherished.

By the way...Ottawa is still really really cold!