Thursday, February 22, 2007

Notes on a Scandal

Okay, let's say Jane and John Doe divorce after two years of marriage and two small children. Now let's say rumour starts circulating that Jane, who is fighting John for custody of the two small children, has been partying it up and flashing her womanly bits, and has checked in and out of rehab three times. In less than a week. Tell me Family and Children's Services would not be knocking on her door to investigate. And if the rumours were true? John would SO have custody.

Now, let's call Jane, oh, I don't know, Britney. And we'll call John Kevin. And instead of rumours, it's documented fact that she is out partying, letting everyone know she's going commando, checking in and out of rehab and shaving her head on an impulse that she almost immediately regrets. How is it that those boys are still living with her? Now, a friend has pointed out to me that while she may be the custodial parent, she is almost certainly not the primary caregiver, and in that case, as long as the nannies aren't indulging in the behaviour described above, she's okay.

I'm just saying.


Daphne said...

I was telling Shea that you know you've done a really good job of wrecking your entire image when you make Kevin Federline look like he's got his life together. Like you WANT the kids to be with him.

Good lord.

Marn said...

I think I actually read something yesterday that they agreed that Kevin should have temporary custody until she gets her act together. Again, FAR from a perfect solution, but at least he isn't acting like he's totally lost his mind!!

D'Arcy said...

Hey! Marn DOES read my blog! I had no idea!

Marn said...

I was just telling Marce and Kath the other night that I never ever get to actually speak to anyone anymore, but I do at least read everyone's blogs pretty much every day!! :-) How you doin' D'Arce? I'm actually going to pick up the phone and talk with you one of these days to catch up!!