Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I do believe it's getting better...

Well, last night she fell asleep nursing at about 9 pm (I know - I shouldn't do that!) She woke up when I tried to put her down at 10, so I let her cry for about 5 min, then Hailey started crying and Ryan's sister was here, so I picked her up and let her sleep in my arms and on my chest. I tried to put her down around 11:30 so I could watch 24 with Ryan, but she woke up again. This time I was determined not to pick her up or feed her. Ryan heard the cries (hers, not mine) and came up. Between us, we talked and cuddled and soothed until she, to put it delicately, passed gas. A few times. Then she settled down and finally fell asleep on our bed. If Ryan hadn't been with me I know I would have given in and nursed her, and set up another terrible night. As it was, she fell asleep around 1 am (I think) and slept till almost 8 am with only one waking/feeding. She fell asleep in the car on the way to the grocery store this morning, and slept while we walked around. For her afternoon nap, I lay down beside her on our bed, put her bedtime blankie on and gave her a soother, and talked softly to her and let her hold my finger until she fell asleep. Incredibly, it only took about 15 min and let go of my finger on her own, I didn't have to pry it away from her. I've read that if you can just steel yourself to listen to the crying once or twice, these cry it out methods work quickly. Maybe it's true. I will try again tonight. I think I'm starting to figure out her wake/eat/sleep patterns too, which is helping.

Crap. She's awake.

edited to add: Yay! I got her back to sleep again the same way, without picking her up or anything!


Tom Neyhart said...

Hi, I found both of your blogs and found them interesting so I intend to read a little more. My wife and I have two girls, you have the right idea about crying it out. Ours are 8 and 5 now but I can remember what it was like. It took two or three nights but they learn quickly how to pacify themselves if we don't come running in every time.

Daphne said...

You go, super-mama!!

Do you guys have SuperNanny TV show up there? She seems to have good methods (not that I would know, but they sure look good on TV!)


D'Arcy said...

Hey! My first reader that I don't know, or at least the first to identify him/herself. Welcome! How did you find me? I didn't think this blog would be of interest to anyone who doesn't know my family - glad to know I'm wrong.

Daph - yes, we do have SuperNanny. I think. We have something like it anyway.