Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A meme!

I've never done one of these in my blog before - I don't even know what a meme is, really. Anyway, I got this from Daph's blog - thanks Daph!

Comment and I will:

Tell you why I friended (befriended?) you.
Associate you with a song/film.
Tell a random fact about you.
Tell a first memory about you.
Associate you with a character/pairing.
Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
Tell you my favorite story about you.
In retort, you must spread this disease in your blog (well, you don't have to do that).

I was actually just going to post to share this story - we were just looking out the window trying to decide if it's snowing or if that's just snow from the ground blowing around, and trying to convince Hailey that the snow isn't actually melting at this precise moment, and certainly not in amounts that you can actually see. Sammie told her the snow looks the same every time you look at it, and that it's all sparkly. Then she said, "It sure is beautiful when it's sparkly. It's like God put glitter on it."

Last night was terrible, then better. At one point I was sobbing almost hysterically, begging Rylee to go to sleep, or at least stop crying. Strangely, it seemed that the more hysterical I got, the quieter she got. And of course she didn't start any of this until Ryan left to play hockey, and stopped about 2 minutes before he got home.

At least I had a yummy breakfast. Ryan came up and told me there was breakfast on the table for me, and when I got downstairs, the kettle was on, too. What a good man :)


Anonymous said...

OK...I'll bite.


D'Arcy said...

Okay, Kath...

I befriended you originally because you were there :) You were someone who was hanging out with the group, I thought you seemed cool and your husband was about to start playing hockey with mine, so we decided to get together while they had their little play date.

I associate you with the Bridget Jones movies (duh!), and Miss Congeniality, and the Charlies Angels movies. Oh, and Sweet Home Alabama.

Random fact about you...Kath went to school with my husband - sort of. I think they had a class or two together in university.

First memory - I don't really have a first memory of you - the earliest one I can think of is the camping trip where you got engaged, which is definitely NOT the first time I met you, since it was after my wedding and you were at my wedding :) Maybe it's the camping trip before my wedding, when Ryan and Ed had the talk that started with "You know, Ed, I used to think you were a real a**hole," and ended with you and Ed being invited to our wedding.

Associate you with a character...hmmm. Well, when I think of the Sue Grafton Kinsey Millhone books, I think of you. And the Kathy Reichs Tempe Brennan books. In fact, that's it - I think of you as a strong, intelligent woman like Tempe.

I've always wondered - since I know you don't love your current job, what would you like to be doing, if time, salary, hours, family, locations etc were not considerations?

Hmm, I don't really have any stories about you either. Maybe it's when we went to Stratford and you tried to tell us you were pregnant with Megan, but we didn't pick up on it. As I recall, you said something like, "Well, when I get back from maternity leave," but it never occured to me to say, "Wait, mat leave? Are you pregnant?" and so I didn't find out until we were trying to choose a wine to go with dinner and you said you couldn't have any. That was a great trip.

jodi13 said...

Me too...is was North A wasn't it?


Daphne said...

I'm commenting!

I wish I lived closer, I would come over and walk around with crying baby and give you a break!

D'Arcy said...


I befriended you because you hung out where I did (North A) and had a class or two with me. I think. Well, at some point you did. I stayed friends with you because you were one of the three coolest arts chicks who ever lived :)

I associate you with anything by Ginger, and the Cranberries song Linger, because of BO changing the lyrics to, "Did you have to sleep with Ginger?" The movie Threesome and the TV show Friends also remind me of everyone in our house on Avondale.

Random fact - I remember that you originally didn't want kids, but from the first time I saw you after Avery was born, I thought you were a fabulous mother.

First memory - probably meeting you hanging out in Andrew and Riaz's room.

I don't know what character I associate you with - all the girls on Friends, to some extent, I guess.

I've often wondered, what changed your mind about having kids?

My favourite Jodi story - ooh, there are too many. I think it's either moose slippers or "Oh...oh...can't walk...oh...seven...oh..." One of my favourites that I can actually share here was going shopping with you in first year. You picked up a pair of boots and didn't buy them because they didn't have steel toes. You said, "I can't buy these. If I kicked someone while I was wearing these, I'd break my toes!"

Was that really 14 years ago?

D'Arcy said...

Daph's turn:

I befriended you because you were there, and you spoke English as a first language and weren't too shy to talk to me. I stayed friends with you because I realized that despite very different exteriors, we were a lot alike.

Song - anything by Queen, but especially You're My Best Friend. Of course. Movie - naturally, Rocky Horror. And The Bodyguard.

Random fact - by the time Daph and I left Finland, our voices and accents were almost identical.

First memory - being your roommate at Karkku and wondering if that was your real eye colour. I also remember thinking, "She seems nice enough, but I don't see us getting really close." Tee hee.

Character - hmmm...never thought about it. I'll get back to you on this.

What, for you, was the highest high and the lowest low of our year in Finland?

My favourite story...would have to be the collection of stories that is our trip to Stockholm. Jordgubbs...jordgubbs... or biking into Oulu with our Krisprolls and yogurt...or sharing underwear in St. Petersburg...or maybe the Kajaani adventures...how do you choose when our friendship began with a year of unforgettable stories?

Anonymous said...

*from Jeanne*
ok, I'll bite too...

Anthony was sick all night (again!) so i share in your sobs!

D'Arcy said...

Jeanne...this could be hard because I don't know you as well as some of these other commenters, but it'll be fun.

I befriended you because, much like the others, you were there. I met you through Carrie, spent some time with you and Joe through Carrie and Scott, and then at St. Jerome's.

I don't really have a song or film to associate with you. Maybe 500 Miles, because it reminds me of doing your frosh dance at Carrie and Scott's wedding.

Random fact - Jeanne is very crafty (as in arts and crafts, not as in sneaky!) and make nice stuff.

First memory - either Carrie's shower at the house where you and Laureen were living, or at Carrie's wedding, where you, Jane and Joe spent the reception telling me why I should hook up with the best man *

I don't know that I associate you with a character, either, although one of the moms on a Swiss Chalet commerical reminds me of you. It's the commercial where they ask moms how they'd compliment Swiss Chalet's chicken, and the third one they talk to says, "I've loved you forever! So has my mom." That's the one who reminds me of you.

Now, as for something I've always wanted to know...you'd think this would be easy since I don't know you THAT well. I'll keep it light - how did you meet Joe?

My favourite Jeanne story...this is easy. When you had people over to your house to look at Carrie and Scott's wedding photos and a bunch of us stayed overnight. The next day, you and I went to Mass and I stayed for lunch. While you were making lunch we were talking about Scott's best man and I said, "Sometimes I'm convinced I'm going to marry him." You gave me a skeptical look and in your very practical way said, "How about you go on a date with him first?" *

*note to anyone who doesn't know the story - I did go on a date with him. Then I married him less than a year later. I made a point of saying that to Jeanne that day because if I did end up marrying him, I wanted proof that I had known all along that I would. I wanted there to be someone who could say, "It's true, she said that to me before they even dated."

Anonymous said...

OK, hoping I'm not too late, 'cause I'm interested :-)


D'Arcy said...

Nope, you're not too late. Here goes!

I befriended you much the same way as Kath - you were part of the group I married into, you seemed cool, then your hubby joined my hubby's playgroup so we started our own :) Well, I guess that's why we started hanging out. We became friends because we're a lot alike, I think.

Films - well, that's a given. Bridget Jones, Charlie's Angels, Sweet Home Alabama and Miss Congeniality, just like Kath.

Random fact - Marny looks like me, sort of. When I was in university people used to tell me there was a girl on campus who looked like me, and I think it might have been Marn.

First memory - you are about the only one I actually have a clear memory of the first time I met you. It was at Carrie and Scott's wedding, and I remember thinking you seemed so cool, and like you were having so much fun. You seemed so comfortable with yourself and who you were.

A character - well, not a specific character, but just about any female buddy movie or book reminds me of you, me and Kath when Ryan and I were first married and we first started the Hockey Widows, or all the stuff we did together for Kath's wedding.

I'm struggling with this question thing. Okay, here's one - when did you know that we would be friends?

My favourite Marn story - could it be Kath's wedding? Maybe not, though that's a funny memory. For me, anyway - do you remember it? I like telling people how you figured that by giving birth for the first time the day before your 30th birthday, people would forget it and you'd never turn 30. Instead, we all brought 30th birthday cards to the hospital instead of baby cards! My favourite memory of you, though, is Carrie's wedding, because of what I described above. You were so happy and relaxed and confident.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't think anyone's every used 'happy, relaxed and confident' to describe me before! Definitely not how I'd describe myself! Thanks though :-) (and no, I really don't remember much about Kath's wedding - and I feel horrible for it! Not just because it took me two days to recover ;-)

Hmm... And when did I know we were going to be friends? I'm trying to remember, but I think it was probably about the first camping trip we went on together. We were just lounging in the sun, reading magazines and chatting... It was so relaxing and natural... Wish we could do more of that these days!