Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Easter what?!?

Just had to share this Hailey-ism. It's a two parter.

Sammie and Hailey are playing behind Daddy's chair when they are supposed to be cleaning up their toys. I ask them to come out from behind the chair and ask what they're doing. Sammie, still holding a book, tells me she's reading a story. Hailey looks at me and with a perfectly straight face, not trying to be funny, says, "I'm the Easter egg piggy." Trying hard not to laugh, I ask, "You're the what?" Sammie says, "She's the Easter pig," still not joking, at the same time that Hailey repeats, "I'm the Easter egg piggy." And I thought it was funny when they said Easter egg bunny. Hailey also referred to Christmas recently as Santa Claus Day, so maybe we need to work on the meaning of Christmas around here. And Easter.

Takes place immediately after part the first. I remind the girls that they are supposed to be cleaning up and tell them to get started. Hailey holds up her hands, waves them around, still not trying to make a joke, and says very seriously, "The Easter egg piggy doesn't have any hands."

YOU try to keep a straight face at that point. The funniest part was, I really don't think she was even trying to get out of cleaning up her toys. She just saw a real problem with this since she was the Easter egg piggy and the Easter egg piggy doesn't have any hands. Too funny.


Daphne said...

Well, just try giving her a very large pair of underwear, and that should solve the problem.

Too cute!!

Tom Neyhart said...

I read your quote on your other blog today too. Some things do get better as the kids get older. (The cleaning up of the rooms still is a challenge at times.) But the joys seem to have bigger impacts for me. Last night we all sat down and watched a movie together and my 8 year old still crawled up on my lap. In the younger years it didn't seem to be as big of a deal but for an 8 year old...I will take it as long as I can get it. Those are the moments I like to remember when I am upset their rooms haven't been cleaned. Hope you have a great day!