Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm so excited!

I was going to say that I was too excited to even think of a song lyric for the title, but then realized that IS a song lyric - thank you Pointer Sisters. I guess I'm too excited to recognize the lyrics!

Anyway, I am excited because I have my very own craft space! Not a whole craft room or anything, but tonight we cleared a spot in the office and dragged up a big ol' table that was always intended to be a craft table but has been sitting mostly unused in the basement. And then Ryan brought up a chair, and I brought up my sewing machine, and some sewing and scrapbooking stuff from the basement, and I'm so excited! Yesterday I bought material to make stockings for all of us, and some to make Santa sacks, in which Santa will leave the kids' presents (shh! they don't know about the sacks!) I was going to set up my sewing machine on the table in the basement, even though I didn't want to be way down there by myself crafting, and Ryan said he was planning to bring the table up as soon as we cleared some boxes from the office. So I cleared them, and now I have a craft space, and I'm so excited about it I'm rambling incoherently. Yay me.


Daphne said...

Yahoo! Good for you! Now you just need to post some photos!! (it's easy, I can teach you if you need)

How fun. So glad you have a space of your own, it's so important!!

Santa sacks sound adorable.

jodi13 said...

I get your excitement - I bought a nice card table that I can leave in the family room without it looking ugly with the intent of using for scrapping - but alas I say intent - haven't actually used it yet... it could also hold my sewing machine...