Thursday, December 27, 2007

This must be just like living in Paradise

I asked my parents for three different books for Christmas. I received all three, plus two more I didn't ask for which look good, too. I'm currently working on Suite Francaise, by Irene Nemirovsky. It's set in German-occupied France in 1940. I'm not loving it, but I had just read a review of it a couple of months ago right before I went shopping in Port Huron, MI (I will only buy books in America until they stop charging $5 more here when the Canadian dollar is at par with the American) and it was on a table with The Kite Runner - buy one get one half price. I wanted The Kite Runner anyway, so I bought the two of them. I read The Kite Runner right away, then it got to be report card time, then I read something else, so I'm just getting around to Suite Francaise now. I also asked my in-laws for three different books, and we haven't done the gift exchange with them yet, so I'm hoping there are a couple more waiting for me. And to top it all off, I received three gift cards from students for a certain big-name chain bookstore, so I have $40 to spend there. Sigh. What more could a reader ask for? Well, maybe a book like The Thirteenth Tale, and unlimited amounts of time to read. With tea and chocolate. Or actually, at this point in the holidays, just tea.

So, dear readers (assuming I have more readers than just Daph, and Jodi), any suggestions on what to spend my $40 on? There is a chick-lit book I've been dying to read since I was pregnant with Rylee, and I've just learned it's on sale for $4.99 at the big-name chain store, but what else should I buy? (Daph - I already looked into the Twilight series, too, and will probably get the first one of those with the gift cards as well)

PS The sacks were a hit. The girls thought they were pretty cool. The elves have already taken them away for next year. The stockings were also finished just in time, with me running upstairs to my sewing machine during commercial breaks during It's A Wonderful Life, which Ryan and I had never seen and therefore watched late Christmas Eve.


Daphne said...

Paradise, indeed!!

Well, you have The Kite Runner, which I loved (and cried all the way through the second half)... I don't have any good suggestions right now but if I find some, I'll let you know! I didn't get any books but I do have my library card which I am using a ton lately.

jodi13 said...

I'm a Coupland girl (as well as most chick-lit - a bit of a dicotomy?) so I just finished "The Gum Thief" Enjoy your shopping!

Emily said...

If you enjoyed the Kite Runner, buy his 2nd book A Thousand Splendid Suns. It's beautiful but miserable at the same time. I hated it but couldn't put it down. <-if that makes any sense at all.

Kate said...

How's Suite Francaise going? I got the book a few months ago (?), read the introduction and letters, cried a bit, and haven't picked it up since. I feel shamefully neglectful.

If you enjoyed "The Thirteenth Tale" you should perhaps try "The Historian," though I'll freely admit that it wasn't my favorite (I blogged on it too.) I read "The Thirteenth Tale" as soon as it got through the waiting list at the library and remembered liking it all right; I'm now waiting for it to turn up on my online book swap too!

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of suggestions : Last voyage of the Valentina, by Santa Montefiore and Vanilla and Chocolate by Sveva Casati Modigliani. Christophe