Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's [my] day... [Mother's] Day...

(...with apologies to Peter Gabriel for paraphrasing his lyrics...I couldn't think of any song lyrics that referenced moms...feel free to suggest your own in the comments...)

My Mother's Day started by waking up and realizing I'd had 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. No, this is not my fantasy of a perfect Mother's Day, it's what actually happened. I was smart enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night (unlike tonight, apparently) and the girls didn't wake up until about 7:30.

**Back up for a minute. Sammie wanted to have a sleepover with one of her friends last night. I said no, but told her she could sleep in my bed with me. I turned off the alarm because I didn't want to wake up at 6 am on my only day to sleep later than that this week (Sam had soccer at 8 AM yesterday so we were up early), but Sam said she wanted to wake up at 6:00. I told her she could get up whenever she wanted as long as she didn't wake Mommy up before 7:30, and that her body would tell her when she needed to wake up. She said okay, but she wanted to get up before me because, "I have a whole lot of things...what am I saying? Nothing. I don't have anything to do."

So Sammie got out of bed at 7:30, and I stayed in bed for a few more minutes. I could hear her downstairs, then I heard Rylee fussing in her crib. I got up to get Rylee and as I was coming out of her room I saw Sam at the top of the stairs. She told me to get back in bed, so I did, and she came in with her little Dora tray and said, "Breakfast in bed!" She had the cutest look on her face, a sweet little proud smile. On the tray was a honey heart sandwich (a sandwich for which the honey has been poured in a heart shape) Now, I don't actually like honey sandwiches, but how could I look at that little girl, so proud of herself for doing this on her own and so happy to have done something nice for her mommy, and tell her I didn't like the sandwich she'd made? I did the only thing I could do. I gave her a great big hug and kiss, thanked her and told her I loved her, and ate the sandwich (actually, I only ate part of it - I shared it with the girls)

After we ate the sandwich Sammie asked me when it was present time. I told her it was whenever she wanted, so she left the room and came back with the bag that we'd brought back from my mom and dad's last weekend, the one I was supposed to give to her when we got home so she could put it somewhere safe. I opened the bag and found a card and a pretty box. On the card were three little cartoon figures, which my mom had named Sam, Hailey and Rylee, and inside Sammie had written a little message and signed all three girls names. In the box were a necklace and matching earrings. This is my best attempt at a picture of me, still wearing them with my pyjamas because I don't want to take them off.

After the gift, we went downstairs, where I made some more breakfast and some tea and Sammie gave me a craft she'd made at school.

The rest of the day was pretty ordinary - nail clipping, bath for Sammie (Rylee had one last night), church, lunch, skating lessons. Hailey (and Ryan) sent me Mother's Day greetings via email - a simple little message that made me cry (%@$ PMS!) Rylee has given me the presents you'd expect from an 18 month old - some kisses, some cuddles, some hysterical laughter at the silly games I play with her, and of course, some poop in her diaper. And my dad didn't even change that one for me as a Mother's Day gift!

Dad is here because the woman who usually watches the girls during the day lost her grandmother last week and the funeral is tomorrow. I was hoping he'd stay till Tuesday so I didn't have to get a sitter for the Rangers game tomorrow night, but he has work to do on Tuesday so he's leaving tomorrow.

Anyway, here's to all the mothers out there, and to everyone who is spending Mother's Day without their mom (I'm thinking of my mom and her siblings here, as this is their first Mother's Day without their beloved mom - we miss you Mim!)


insane mama said...

Happy mothers day!
I was treated to breakfast in bed also, but I have teenagers, so I had to inspect it for poison before actually eating it

Daphne said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love your jewelry set (and the glasses, very chic!). What a sweet girl you have, honey sandwiches and Dora trays. Lucky you. Kisses, The Idiot