Monday, May 5, 2008

On my own

I know some of my friends read this blog at least partly to know what's going on with my family, so when I post about stuff like SNL, it doesn't tell them much :) So here is an update-y, newsy type post.

Ryan and Hailey are in the Netherlands. Ryan's sister is working there for 8 months, so Ryan, Hailey and Ryan's parents went over for a visit. Hailey got to go because a)she's old enough to remember the trip (maybe) b)she's young enough not to be missing school while she's there and c)she's named after a relative who lives there and who has lung cancer. This may be the only chance they get to meet. They've been gone almost a week and are having a good time, from the sounds of it. Hailey is learning some Dutch and making friends everywhere she goes (no surprise to anyone who knows Hailey). They're back next week.

Sammie has been sick for almost a week, first throwing up and then, well, out the other end. Poor little thing missed two days of school last week (and consequently, so did I). Yesterday was the first day without diarrhea since Thursday. She's feeling much better now. She missed her first soccer game on Saturday because we were at my mom and dad's but is looking forward to starting this weekend. She's also still in gymnastics, and skating lessons as well. She loves to do crafts - it's just about the only centre she ever goes to at school - and is always cutting and pasting and making things for us. She made a poster which she put up in her room that says, "Family, your my BFF." I took her to the Rangers game last Wed and we had a lot of fun together.

Rylee is getting big - my mom and my sister said she looks like an entirely different kid from the one who was there on March Break. She has nine teeth now, I think, including a molar, and a big big smile and loves to chatter away in her own little language. She still loves her dollies and stuffed animals. She's getting to the stage where she doesn't want to sit and cuddle, she wants to go go go, except at bedtime. I still get cuddles and kisses at bedtime.

Ryan is still working (except not right now, of course, since he's in the Netherlands) and playing lots of hockey. Our ball team starts up again next week, and I think he's thinking of playing soccer this year. He played last year for a month or so until he tore a muscle in his calf and had to stop. He's been told there's a good chance he'll eventually tear the other one in half as well, so I'm not sure I want him to play soccer, but it's not my decision.

And as for me...also still working, still enjoying it immensely. I love teaching. As I said, ball starts again next week, so that'll get me out of the house every once in a while. I've also sent in my registration to play in a recreational hockey league next winter! Ryan's cousin plays and has assured me that there are women at all levels of ability, so I won't be a the only beginner out there. I'm looking forward to it, I think. I'm also looking forward to dive season starting back up. I've been reading a lot, and just bought a book about beading, which I'm hoping to get into.

As I mentioned, I was at my mom and dad's this weekend. Nice and relaxing for me, because my parents pretty much completely take over the child care, and my mom does all the cooking, so I don't have much to worry about. It was especially nice given that Sammie was sick and Ryan is out of the country.

This morning I realized my fridge and freezer weren't working. I called the place we bought it from, and they're sending someone out tomorrow to look at it. In the meantime, two different neighbours kindly took in the contents of my fridge and freezer and made room for them in their appliances. It was SUCH a pain to get everything all packed up and take it over to the neighbours, and then feed the girls and get Sammie to gymnastics. I really have no idea how single parents do this on a regular basis. I think I say that every time Ryan goes away but it's true - I have an incredible amount of respect for people who do this, and do it well, on a regular basis.

Anything else you'd like to know?

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Daphne said...

For the record, I want to know random thoughts about SNL *and* daily doings! :) Sounds like you are holding down the fort pretty good. You should post book reviews!!

(also, damn you for putting that horrible song in my head)