Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wake me up when September ends

Okay, so where have I been? Well, not at home. I have been home for three weeks since the end of June, and not all in a row. Here's a quick recap of my summer so far:

First weekend of July: Peterborough
First week of July: home
Next two weeks: California (without the kids!)
Next week: home
Next week: Peterborough (lots of hanging by the pool while my dad chased the kids)
Next week: home
Then: cottage near Tobermory (with lots of in-laws to help watch the kids)
This past weekend: Petrolia (for Terpcathalon, for which Rylee behaved this time)

Details will follow. The California trip was amazing - Ryan had a course and since we were able to pawn off the kids on our parents (each set took a week) I tagged along and spent some time with him and some with the wonderful Miss Daphne. Photos to follow maybe. My cousin Christine, who lives in BC, made it back to Ontario, so I got to hang with her and my sister while I was in Peterborough. The annual gathering at my mom and dad's on the August long weekend was better attended than the last few years, and was a lot of fun. Tobermory was fabulous, as always, and we did some great diving. The water wasn't as cold as it's been some years (a balmy 55F at about 90 ft)

Now I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea that my summer holiday is almost over, and start thinking about school. I also need to clean my house and get some groceries. Wish me luck.

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Daphne said...

You are a crazy lady! That's quite a schedule. Good luck! PS, I'm seeing Monica this week, she's in town.