Saturday, February 21, 2009

And we'll have fun, fun, fun

Everyone in my family is sick except me. I still have a wicked cough, and who knows, probably something else too, but I'm too busy to be really sick right now. Monday was a holiday, Family Day (thank you Mr. McGuinty, I still think you're a weenie but I appreciate the long weekend in February), so this was only a four day work week to begin with. I only worked (at school, anyway) one and a half days.

Last Saturday Ryan finally succumbed to the flu. He was dizzy, achy, feverish - flu-y, really. It made for a lovely Valentine's celebration (he tried to force himself to be well all day, and finally passed out on the couch after dinner). He remained sick for the rest of the weekend. On Monday, Sam and Rylee developed fevers again, and by Monday night were still not well, so I booked the next day off. By morning Sam was a bit better, but Hailey was worse, so it was good that I was home. Tuesday morning Ryan left for California. As he left he said he felt much better and that his fever had finally broken, so I was happy for him. Wednesday morning Sam still didn't feel good, but I told her to try going to school for the morning and I'd see if I could get a substitute for the afternoon. I managed, and took both Sam and Hailey home at noon. At this point I suspected pink eye because both of Hailey's eyes were so bloodshot, but as it turns out, I don't think that's what she had. Thursday I managed to put in a full day at work but by the time I picked Hailey up she was complaining that her tummy hurt but she didn't want to go to the doctor on call because she didn't want to miss swimming lessons. She fell asleep on three very short drives that night, and finally fell asleep on my lap while I talked to my mom on the phone. Sam also fell asleep on the way home from swimming, then tried to curl up in the La-Z-Boy and fall asleep when we got home. I made her go upstairs, put on jammies and brush her teeth. By the time I got off the phone with my mom (around 8 pm) Rylee was the only kid still awake. I should have known at that point to book a substitute for Friday, but I thought maybe they just needed some extra sleep and that would take care of everything. Friday morning I asked Sam how she felt, and she said good, but after 10-15 minutes of arguing she still hadn't gotten out of bed to start getting dressed. I gave in, called my principal and took yesterday off too. By 9 am I had a doctor's appointment for all three kids for that morning. We picked Hailey up at school (she was well enough to go, and it was Toy Day - who wants to miss Toy Day?) and headed to the doctor. I fully expected to be told it's just a cough, caused by a virus, you just have to let it run its course, but instead was told Rylee has an ear?throat?both? infection and Sam and Hailey have pneumonia. So they're all on antibiotics now, and I'm hoping that medication + a weekend of resting will get everyone healthy enough to allow me to work next week. Ryan is still in California until next Saturday, but my dad has offered to come help me out next week if I need it.

And Ryan? Poor baby. Every day/night this week, he's told me he's still not well, still coughing, still achy. Yesterday he finally got medical attention and it turns out he has acute bronchitis. No antibiotics, but some kick-butt cough medicine that will hopefully FINALLY bring him some relief.

In the meantime, Ryan bought me a gift card to try out a day spa here in town. The card had to be used within four months, and he bought it last fall, so he finally booked the appointments for me because he wanted to be sure I actually went. Unfortunately, he booked them all while he's in California, which will present some child care issues, but dang it, I'm going!! I rescheduled one because it conflicted with swimming lessons and I couldn't get a babysitter to take them to swimming, but last night I went for a manicure. My nails are lovely now. Next week I get a pedicure, a hot stone massage, and something else, I forget what. I have also booked a babysitter for tonight so that I can get out to play hockey. Gotta take care of me, too!

Anyway, that's what's up here. I feel bad that I skipped my annual Ystavanpaiva post, talking about how fabulous my friends are. Rest assured, my friends, I think you're all fabulous and am grateful to have you in my life.

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Miss D. said...

Wow, you guys have been hit with the plague!! it's going around, everyone around me is sick too but thankfully (knocking on everything within sight) I haven't gotten it. Stay strong, Ms. Nightingale.