Sunday, December 10, 2006

I can feel it coming in the air tonight...

Blah. Something unpleasant is sweeping through my family. It started with Sammie on Monday. I was woken up by Hailey coming into my room and saying, "Mommy, Sammie fwew up." On Friday night, I was giving Hailey a hug when she said, "My tummy hurts." I gently suggested it might be time to stop eating the Christmas candy Grandma has around the house when she made a strange noise. I ran to the bathroom with her and held her over the toilet just in time. Last night it was my turn. I thought I had just eaten too much at dinner (my mom made one of my favourites) or had overindulged in said Christmas candy. I ended up throwing up twice, and am still only on toast, crackers and juice for now. For dinner I'm thinking of going crazy and having some soup. My mom was going to make a great roast beef dinner, but I suggested this morning we change the plan, which we did.

Other than that, we've been having a great visit with my parents. My kids get spoiled rotten, I get to read all day long with occasional breaks to feed Rylee and my parents get to hang out with their favourite kids (note to my sister - I mean the little ones, not me!) I also got to do some shopping, and my parents got Rylee to take a bottle again, so all in all it's been a good trip so far.

Not much else new. My friend Sean, from my UW days, became a father recently. His little boy is absolutely adorable. I would love to get together with all my UW/V2 friends who are now scattered around the province (well, continent, actually, since one is living in San Francisco) - if any of you are reading this, what do you think?

Speaking of reuniting with old friends, I found a book here at my parents' house about the city where I lived in Finland, and found a picture of Daph and me from a Finnish newspaper that was taken at the Oulu market shortly before we left. It was such a blast, looking through that book and seeing the Ball, Rotuaari, and so many other familiar places. Strange how familiar they looked and how clear the memories were even though it's been 14 years. So, Finnbounds, when are we getting together?

Hmmm...I suppose I have an obligation to check on my children, although I'm sure Mom and Dad have everything under control. I feel bad dumping my kids on them, but on the other hand, I just plain have felt bad most of today. I am just SO glad I wasn't home alone with the 3 of them when I got sick.


Daphne said...

Speaking of throwing up, I like your choice of title here (was that on purpose?). "It's so cute when you call me honey..."

Wasn't that the weekend when we finally saw the kalakukko? And that weird clown troupe? What am I saying... EVERYTHING was weird there.

I'd love to get together!! Hopefully my life will settle down in the coming year and I can come up and finally see your kids!!

Joe said...

Hi D'Arcy...
I stumbled on this the other day. Just wanted to say hi. Happy holidays!

Ismail said...

Hey D'Arcy-

I cant speak for everyone, but I would like for all of us "honorary Finns" to get together asap. Give me a date and lets make this happen!

All My Best-