Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Miss you, miss you, oh my soul

MIA for a few days there ... my internet connection failed me, and without my resident IT guy, I couldn't fix it. I spoke with said IT guy tonight, and lo and behold, here I am.

The girls are still fairly cranky, but not too bad. Off to Grandma and Grandpa's tomorrow night which should put everyone in a better mood. To hear Hailey tell it, we're going to Dwama and Dwampa's after fwimming lessons. She's so cute. Part of me worries a bit because I know Sammie didn't sound like that at the same age, but I think she just spoke well early. Hailey's right on target. I hope.

Sleep has been an issue for Rylee lately, but she went down well tonight, so hopefully we're in for a better night. Last night was okay once I got her to sleep somewhere other than my arms, but then Sammie and Hailey appeared in my room around 2:30 am. I almost left them there and went to sleep in their bed, but mine is more comfortable :)

And snow...much more of it fell, and not the light fluffy stuff of a few days ago. Oh no, now it's heavy wet snow, the kind that is fabulous if you want to make a snow man or build a snow fort, but not so fab if you have to shovel it. Which I did.

Anyway, it's stupidly late, and I really need some sleep. More posts should be forthcoming once I get to Mom and Dad's and have someone else to hold Rylee while I type.

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