Monday, December 4, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We got the tree up and decorated on Sat, and the outdoor lights have been up for a while. We got a few more decorations around the house too, and Mother Nature did her part by dumping a few inches of light, fluffy snow yesterday and last night. I had the pleasure of shoveling the first December snow this morning - lucky me. It was, as I said, light and fluffy and there wasn't too much, but I still think Ryan timed this latest California training very conveniently! It's not his fault, and it could have been worse - he was originally supposed to go right around when Rylee was due, and switched it to now. Then the trip almost got stretched to 3 weeks because he was going to have to go to Winnepeg, but fortunately that was avoided.

So anyway, I've been alone with the girls for the better part of two days now. Sammie is old enough to understand now that Daddy is far far away, and to actually miss him, not just say she misses him. She cried the night before he left. Hailey still doesn't get it - we told her Daddy is gone for two weeks, but she still thought he might be downstairs when she got out of the bath last night.

Normally, my girls are very well behaved. I'm actually very fortunate, because they rarely act up in public, and not often at home either. Of course, as soon as Daddy leaves, that goes out the window, or at least it has this time. Unfortunately, I've had things I had to do, so staying home hasn't been an option. As a result, Hailey has missed her nap for two days in a row. It will be early to bed tonight, and definitely no missing the nap tomorrow! She does NOT deal with lack of sleep very well (can't imagine where she gets that from!) Everytime Ryan goes away, I am reminded of how much respect and admiration I have for people who do this single parent thing all the time, and do it well. We will be off to Grandma and Grandpa's for a visit while Ryan's gone, which should do wonders for my sanity.

Rylee is still doing well with the sleep thing at night. Day time sleep has gotten better since I've started swaddling her for naps, too. On Sat she actually slept a couple of hours on the couch, so I was able to do some stuff around the house. Yesterday she slept most of the day as we went to church and walked around the mall. Today has been pretty good, she fell asleep on my shoulder while I checked email so I put her in the crib so I could have two hands to type. However, she's waking up now so I must wrap up. More tomorrow, hopefully.

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