Monday, January 8, 2007

For weekend update...

I should definitely be in bed. Or exercising. Instead, I'm checking out my friends blogs, checking my email and generally wasting time in front of the computer. Life is good.

We made a quick stop in London on Sat to see our friend Chris (the one who suffered the head injury on New Year's Day) Ryan said Chris looked good - he recognized Ryan and laughed when our friend Ed suggested that he (Ed) was a faster skater than Chris. I just found out he's been moved to a different hospital to begin rehab, which can only be good.

After that, it was on to see the inlaws. We had a nice visit - all of Ryan's siblings were around, so we saw them all, plus the inlaws-to-be. This year Ryan's family welcomes three new members - a grandchild in April (Carianne's 2nd child), a son-in-law in July (Rosalie's getting married) and a daughter-in-law in September (Tim's getting married). It wasn't very eventful, other than Sammie got her hair cut - it's a chin-length bob now, very cute. The hope was that it would make her baby-fine hair look a little fuller (she got Ryan's colouring but my hair texture), and it does, somewhat. It's really cute, anyway, and she loves it. Then Hailey got her bangs cut, but that wasn't enough for her, so my mother-in-law took off just the tiniest little bit from the ends, just to make Hailey happy. You can't even tell she did it, but Hailey proudly informed her daddy she got her hair cut, too.

I have designed a little exercise program in my head, to help me get some muscle tone back and lose some weight. I have a plan to ease into some cardio, which will take advantage of the elliptical trainer that's been in the basement for ages. I know I need to do some core toning and strengthening, which I need to find out more about. In the meantime, I came up with some things today I could do with Rylee, so I don't have to wait until she's asleep to get some exercise.

Now that Sammie's back in school, I feel like the holidays are officially over. It's time to get back into a routine, stop eating crap 24-7, clean up this house and just generally get back on track. I let things go over the holidays, which I don't feel guilty for - I deserved a holiday too! But now it's over and time to get back to reality, for my own sanity.

Oh, and apparently Hailey wants a reindeer for her birthday. We think maybe she misunderstood the question, especially since when Ryan told her he couldn't get her a reindeer she told him we already have one. Although, there could well be one on the dining room table right now without anyone noticing...

PS - Daph - yes, bouillabaisse looks right. And thanks for fixing my grammar!

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