Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm still here - honest!

Rylee is not sleeping well. Well, I shouldn't say that. If I can get her to sleep, she sleeps well. Most evenings she starts screaming just after dinner and doesn't settle down until 10 or 11 pm. Tuesday night by 11:30 she still wasn't settled and I just couldn't hold her anymore, so she slept in our bed. Last night I managed to calm her by taking her to her room (less noise, softer light) and swaddling her, but she still didn't go to sleep for good until 10:30. She woke up at 1 am to eat and by 3 am I was still up with her, so I finally brought her back into my bed again. I hate doing it, but I needed the sleep. I know the problem is that she needs to burp - but then why will she sleep in my bed if she still hasn't burped? I don't know. Most nights I'm getting a good 5 or 6 hours straight out of her, and a few nights ago we did much better on the going back to sleep after feeding and burping. Anyway, she's sleeping now, in her car seat, which I know isn't as good as sleeping flat on her back, but she's sleeping - she needs the sleep and I need the break. I'm convinced if I could just get her to burp, we'd be fine.

Jodi - can you give me more details on what you do with AJ? Andrew has my email address. And yes, I saw our former roommate in all her living dead glory. Sigh. So proud to say I knew her when...

Kath - OK, Irving didn't exactly plagerize Fifth Business, but there are strong similarities. I even read something once where Irving openly admitted to being strongly influenced by Davies.

My cutest Sammie moment in recent memory - she ate the cheese out of her cheese sandwich, then tore the bread into little pieces and said, "Look, I'm eating it in pieces like our church guy!" At least it shows we take her to church, but maybe we should explain the man in robes at the front is the priest, not "our church guy". Or, as Marn once called him, the guy in the dress at the front :)

Cutest Hailey moment - a few nights ago when asked who she wanted to pray for, she said, "Grandma, Grandpa, Oma, Opa and our computer."

In other news, my sister was in a car accident this week. Fortunately, no people were seriously injured, but her truck was totalled. So, she's coming this weekend (hopefully) with her boyfriend and our dad, and they will be borrowing my car for about a month, until they buy a new vehicle. Not good news about the accident, but I'm glad they're coming to visit.

Oh, and Sammie was the leader at school yesterday. You would think, after weeks of pouty faces over not being the leader, that this would be the first thing she would tell me when she got home. Nope, it took about half an hour before she thought to share that with me.

Well, Hailey has just woken up from her nap, cranky as all get out, and has not forgotten that I told her she could have some computer time when she got up. It seems I just get on the computer and one kid or another needs something. I suppose I signed on for that when I chose to have kids, right? Anyway, I will turn the computer over to Her Whininess.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!


Anonymous said...

(from Jeanne)
Sorry to here about rylee's sleeping problems. We've got the opposite problem with Anthony. we have no problem getting him to sleep but he will not sleep more than an hour at a time (day or night.)

Even sleeping with us doesn't help.
Soooooo frustating!

Daphne said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off to babysit a little 20 month old tonight for about 7 hours... hopefully all goes well. It's good practice, right?