Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A few stolen moments

Quick update - Rylee has been sleeping for over an hour, so I don't know how much longer I have before she wakes up!

My sister and dad came over on Saturday and we all had a nice visit, which ended with her driving away in my car. Sigh. That was the first car I ever bought, and I loved it. It will be missed. I may be getting it back from her, or she and her boyfriend may buy it from us. We'll see.

We did our family Christmas photo on Sat morning - what an ordeal! Hailey would NOT co-operate. Thank goodness it was a digital camera because it probably would have been a roll and a half of film and she came close to smiling in one or two. The rest were pretty much unuseable. The final result is quite nice, though, and if I ever figure out how to post pictures, maybe I'll do that one.

On Sun we had a family Christmas gathering with Ryan's mom's side of the family, which was nice. While there, Ryan's brother mentioned they needed players for his hockey team that night, so Ryan decided to race home, get his hockey stuff and a few things we needed to spend the night at his parents' place, and try to join his brother for hockey. Turned out his brother had the time wrong, but we had a nice visit anyway.

On the sleep front, Rylee is consistently sleeping 5-7 hours at a stretch at night, but is still difficult to get to sleep. On Saturday night she fell asleep around 9 pm and slept until about 5 am! It was lovely. At Ryan's parents' house she would NOT sleep in that crib no matter what, so she shared the bed with us. I was tired and cranky yesterday. Last night she let herself be rocked to sleep around 10 pm after throwing up on me while I tried to feed her. She woke up around 4 and only kept me up for about 30 min, so I'm much happier today.

Today I have my follow-up appointment with my obstetrician, so hopefully I'll get the green light to start doing basically everything I did before Rylee was born (she was a c-section birth so I was told not to exercise for six weeks, other than walking) I am losing weight quite well, so I'm hoping that I can start exercising now and lose the rest. It's only about 15 lbs, and I'm hoping to lose it and look like I did before I got pregnant by the time I go to the OMLTA conference at the end of March.

Last week I was able to put on non-maternity pants and have them mostly fit! I wore a pair of track pants for a day, which doesn't sound that exciting but I had tried them a few weeks before and they were uncomfortable, so I was happy. Then I tried on a pair of jeans, and was able to do them up! Now, they're about a size bigger than I was wearing before I got pregnant, and I couldn't keep them on and actually wear them, but I'm getting somewhere. Considering Rylee is only 7 weeks old, I think I'm doing pretty well.

Well, after a certain length of time on the computer, guilt sets in. I feel like I should be spending time with the girls, especially since Sammie will be at school this afternoon and I don't get a lot of time to spend with them without Rylee crying or at least being in my arms. So I will go hang out with my girly-cues, and try to post again soon-ish.

PS Thoughts on the new look?

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Daphne said...

I definitely like the blue better than the pink! And you are ROCKIN the post-baby program! Good for you, and it sounds like you are taking care of your body, too. Yay!