Monday, November 20, 2006

In which D'Arcy writes a lot about not much

Well, the busy weekend continued with a visit to our friends Marce and G to watch the Grey Cup (for Daph and any other Americans reading this - the Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League equivalent of the SuperBowl, except on a MUCH smaller scale). The girls were well behaved - some of their friends were there, and Marce and G put out a box of stuffed toys,so they were happy - and I got to visit some more with friends who were at Aimee's birthday party, plus a few more. Good friends, good chili, bad luck in the pool - all in all, a successful evening.

Rylee allowed herself to fall asleep around 11 last night, and got up at 9 this morning, with one feeding in that time stretch. That one feeding had me up for quite a while, because the kid will NOT burp, and then she can't sleep because she's gassy. It's extremely frustrating. I just kept repeating what Kath reminded me yesterday - it's a privilege to be part of a baby's life, it's a privilege to be part of a baby's life. If anyone has any brilliant no-fail ways to make a baby burp, please let me know. All that seems to work is patting her on the back for AGES, then saying, "Come on kid, burp already," which worked twice yesterday! She is sleeping peacefully now after a restless morning, which was likely a result of her not burping. Again.

Oh well. I finally finished my book (A Widow for One Year by John Irving) I forgot that I had vowed not to read John Irving anymore after I realized he basically stole the plot of Robertson Davies' Fifth Business and rewrote it as A Prayer for Owen Meany. The book wasn't bad, it was a departure from the chick-lit I'd been reading, which I will now be diving back into for a while. The book is due back to the library on Wed, so I was trying to finish it before then. Now I have a whack of books that need to go back in two weeks, which I will hopefully manage. Probably by neglecting the housework and grocery shopping, like I'm doing right now :)


Anonymous said...

I've read both a Prayer for Owen Meany and Fifth Business and while I MUCH preferred Fifth Business, and there were similarities, I didn't think Owen Meany was that much of a rip off.

Just my 2 cents, whether you ask for them or not :)


jodi13 said...

AJ will burp eventually if I lean him wa-a-a-y back then bend him right up - sometimes it is a little messy, but often he doesn't even wake up - just gives a big burp and that's it... funny this world of blogging... so did you see the Living Dead Girlz?