Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's with the title?

I thought and thought about what to call this blog. I had a name all picked out, then discovered someone was already using it - grr! So I thought about all my favourite books, movies, songs, band...I finally came up with I Think Magic's in the Learning. I figure there are two people I sent the link to who will recognize it. Am I wrong? Do YOU know where the title came from?

Anyway, as Daniel Cook says, here we are! (and if you know who Daniel Cook is, you obviously live in Canada and have small children). Here's what's up with my monsters:

Sammie actually got off the bus with a big smile on her face today. She's 4 and is in school for half days now. She enjoys school but has been known to come home in a mood because she wasn't the leader. I'm not sure exactly what the leader does, or how often it changes, but she hasn't been the leader yet and is not happy about it. Fortunately, school was exciting enough today for her to overlook it. Now she's looking forward to swimming lessons tonight, and two birthday parties this weekend, one of which will result in missing her indoor soccer game. Ah, four years old and a socialite already!

Hailey is a bit cranky right now because I woke her up from her nap to go meet Sammie's bus. She's 2 and doesn't want to stop playing for naps, but today I just really thought she needed the sleep. However, because it took so long to get her to sleep, she didn't wake up on her own in time to go meet Sam. Hence, cranky toddler. Oh well - a snack is helping her mood. She is also looking forward to swimming lessons tonight. She goes on her own now - what a big girl! She can't decide if she wants to be a big girl or not - she likes doing most big girl things, but does NOT want to start using the potty/toilet. Don't know why - she just says she doesn't want to. This is somewhat frustrating.

Rylee is sleeping, which, along with eating and crying, is about all she does. She is five weeks old and sleeps a lot more than I'm told one month olds need to sleep, but I'm not complaining. I wouldn't be blogging if she didn't sleep. When she's awake, she pretty much cries or eats. However, we've had a major breakthrough t

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