Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stop, hey, what's that sound?

Well, it's 10 pm and I'm exhausted. So was Rylee, who didn't sleep much today but still refused to fall asleep until a few minutes ago. I think. I'm actually just on the computer because I don't want to walk downstairs and have to come back up in five minutes when she wakes up. This is the third time I've put her in the crib and I heard her still murmuring for a while but I don't hear her now, so here's hoping...

We went to Sammie's school today for an observation session. It was so cute to watch her working with her little friends. We got to see some of her work, and talk to her teacher. Apparently she's doing well in everything except scissor usage. She holds the scissors with her index and middle fingers over her thumb, but she's making it work for her. To think I've worked so much with her on colours, letters, numbers, etc and all this time she should have been practicing cut and paste :)

The woman who babysat Sammie and Hailey for the first few weeks of the school year watched Hailey and Rylee while I was at Sammie's school. Hailey was very happy about going there again, and not at all happy when I came to take her home. Rylee was apparently not quite so happy about the whole thing, but it was only an hour, and it was her first time having someone other than Mommy or Daddy take care of, wait, my dad watched her for about an hour one night, too. Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier, she will now take an ounce or two from a bottle! Ryan's brother's girlfriend got her to drink from the bottle on Sun at the family do, and the babysitter managed a bit today. Yippee!

The appointment yesterday went well - the ob said everything seems to be healing well and I can resume all my normal activities, including exercise. Now I just have to figure out what form of exercise I would like to resume/begin. I've been trying to watch what I eat for now, which is helping with the weight loss. I'm not dieting - I know I still need extra calories while I'm nursing - I'm just trying to make healthier choices. I think I'm doing pretty well.

Okay, strange sounds are coming from the nursery...I guess I'd better wrap up in case those sounds turn into cries.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Author of note

I forgot to mention - if you're a fan of brit-chick-lit, like Bridget Jones or the Shopaholic series, you should check out Melissa Nathan. I've read The Nanny, The Waitress and The Learning Curve, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. The acknowledgements in the last one mentioned that in all probability the novel was going to be published posthumously, so this may be all there is to enjoy of her writing. If you're into that genre, check out these books.

Update: I googled Melissa Nathan, she did indeed pass away this year, but she has written a few more books that I didn't know about, so I'll be looking for those when I head to the library tomorrow. I'll post about them if they're any good.

A few stolen moments

Quick update - Rylee has been sleeping for over an hour, so I don't know how much longer I have before she wakes up!

My sister and dad came over on Saturday and we all had a nice visit, which ended with her driving away in my car. Sigh. That was the first car I ever bought, and I loved it. It will be missed. I may be getting it back from her, or she and her boyfriend may buy it from us. We'll see.

We did our family Christmas photo on Sat morning - what an ordeal! Hailey would NOT co-operate. Thank goodness it was a digital camera because it probably would have been a roll and a half of film and she came close to smiling in one or two. The rest were pretty much unuseable. The final result is quite nice, though, and if I ever figure out how to post pictures, maybe I'll do that one.

On Sun we had a family Christmas gathering with Ryan's mom's side of the family, which was nice. While there, Ryan's brother mentioned they needed players for his hockey team that night, so Ryan decided to race home, get his hockey stuff and a few things we needed to spend the night at his parents' place, and try to join his brother for hockey. Turned out his brother had the time wrong, but we had a nice visit anyway.

On the sleep front, Rylee is consistently sleeping 5-7 hours at a stretch at night, but is still difficult to get to sleep. On Saturday night she fell asleep around 9 pm and slept until about 5 am! It was lovely. At Ryan's parents' house she would NOT sleep in that crib no matter what, so she shared the bed with us. I was tired and cranky yesterday. Last night she let herself be rocked to sleep around 10 pm after throwing up on me while I tried to feed her. She woke up around 4 and only kept me up for about 30 min, so I'm much happier today.

Today I have my follow-up appointment with my obstetrician, so hopefully I'll get the green light to start doing basically everything I did before Rylee was born (she was a c-section birth so I was told not to exercise for six weeks, other than walking) I am losing weight quite well, so I'm hoping that I can start exercising now and lose the rest. It's only about 15 lbs, and I'm hoping to lose it and look like I did before I got pregnant by the time I go to the OMLTA conference at the end of March.

Last week I was able to put on non-maternity pants and have them mostly fit! I wore a pair of track pants for a day, which doesn't sound that exciting but I had tried them a few weeks before and they were uncomfortable, so I was happy. Then I tried on a pair of jeans, and was able to do them up! Now, they're about a size bigger than I was wearing before I got pregnant, and I couldn't keep them on and actually wear them, but I'm getting somewhere. Considering Rylee is only 7 weeks old, I think I'm doing pretty well.

Well, after a certain length of time on the computer, guilt sets in. I feel like I should be spending time with the girls, especially since Sammie will be at school this afternoon and I don't get a lot of time to spend with them without Rylee crying or at least being in my arms. So I will go hang out with my girly-cues, and try to post again soon-ish.

PS Thoughts on the new look?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm still here - honest!

Rylee is not sleeping well. Well, I shouldn't say that. If I can get her to sleep, she sleeps well. Most evenings she starts screaming just after dinner and doesn't settle down until 10 or 11 pm. Tuesday night by 11:30 she still wasn't settled and I just couldn't hold her anymore, so she slept in our bed. Last night I managed to calm her by taking her to her room (less noise, softer light) and swaddling her, but she still didn't go to sleep for good until 10:30. She woke up at 1 am to eat and by 3 am I was still up with her, so I finally brought her back into my bed again. I hate doing it, but I needed the sleep. I know the problem is that she needs to burp - but then why will she sleep in my bed if she still hasn't burped? I don't know. Most nights I'm getting a good 5 or 6 hours straight out of her, and a few nights ago we did much better on the going back to sleep after feeding and burping. Anyway, she's sleeping now, in her car seat, which I know isn't as good as sleeping flat on her back, but she's sleeping - she needs the sleep and I need the break. I'm convinced if I could just get her to burp, we'd be fine.

Jodi - can you give me more details on what you do with AJ? Andrew has my email address. And yes, I saw our former roommate in all her living dead glory. Sigh. So proud to say I knew her when...

Kath - OK, Irving didn't exactly plagerize Fifth Business, but there are strong similarities. I even read something once where Irving openly admitted to being strongly influenced by Davies.

My cutest Sammie moment in recent memory - she ate the cheese out of her cheese sandwich, then tore the bread into little pieces and said, "Look, I'm eating it in pieces like our church guy!" At least it shows we take her to church, but maybe we should explain the man in robes at the front is the priest, not "our church guy". Or, as Marn once called him, the guy in the dress at the front :)

Cutest Hailey moment - a few nights ago when asked who she wanted to pray for, she said, "Grandma, Grandpa, Oma, Opa and our computer."

In other news, my sister was in a car accident this week. Fortunately, no people were seriously injured, but her truck was totalled. So, she's coming this weekend (hopefully) with her boyfriend and our dad, and they will be borrowing my car for about a month, until they buy a new vehicle. Not good news about the accident, but I'm glad they're coming to visit.

Oh, and Sammie was the leader at school yesterday. You would think, after weeks of pouty faces over not being the leader, that this would be the first thing she would tell me when she got home. Nope, it took about half an hour before she thought to share that with me.

Well, Hailey has just woken up from her nap, cranky as all get out, and has not forgotten that I told her she could have some computer time when she got up. It seems I just get on the computer and one kid or another needs something. I suppose I signed on for that when I chose to have kids, right? Anyway, I will turn the computer over to Her Whininess.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

Monday, November 20, 2006

In which D'Arcy writes a lot about not much

Well, the busy weekend continued with a visit to our friends Marce and G to watch the Grey Cup (for Daph and any other Americans reading this - the Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League equivalent of the SuperBowl, except on a MUCH smaller scale). The girls were well behaved - some of their friends were there, and Marce and G put out a box of stuffed toys,so they were happy - and I got to visit some more with friends who were at Aimee's birthday party, plus a few more. Good friends, good chili, bad luck in the pool - all in all, a successful evening.

Rylee allowed herself to fall asleep around 11 last night, and got up at 9 this morning, with one feeding in that time stretch. That one feeding had me up for quite a while, because the kid will NOT burp, and then she can't sleep because she's gassy. It's extremely frustrating. I just kept repeating what Kath reminded me yesterday - it's a privilege to be part of a baby's life, it's a privilege to be part of a baby's life. If anyone has any brilliant no-fail ways to make a baby burp, please let me know. All that seems to work is patting her on the back for AGES, then saying, "Come on kid, burp already," which worked twice yesterday! She is sleeping peacefully now after a restless morning, which was likely a result of her not burping. Again.

Oh well. I finally finished my book (A Widow for One Year by John Irving) I forgot that I had vowed not to read John Irving anymore after I realized he basically stole the plot of Robertson Davies' Fifth Business and rewrote it as A Prayer for Owen Meany. The book wasn't bad, it was a departure from the chick-lit I'd been reading, which I will now be diving back into for a while. The book is due back to the library on Wed, so I was trying to finish it before then. Now I have a whack of books that need to go back in two weeks, which I will hopefully manage. Probably by neglecting the housework and grocery shopping, like I'm doing right now :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quick update

This is a busy weekend for us. We took the kids to the Santa Claus parade yesterday morning. I think Sammie was more excited about seeing her friends from school in the parade than about the big guy in the red suit. And since her friends were on one of the first floats, and it was cold and drizzly, I wasn't sure we'd make it through the parade, but we did. Sammie and Hailey handled the weather much better than their parents - we had bundled the girls up in their winter best, but not ourselves. I ended up taking Rylee and standing inside the store behind us for five minutes or so near the end of the parade. Rylee slept through most of the parade, wrapped snugly inside my jacket with me. Anyway, I wasn't all that impressed with the parade - I thought the Oktoberfest parade was much better - but the kids seemed happy, so that's what's important.

In the afternoon Sammie had a birthday party for a girl in her class, so she missed soccer. I was home with Hailey and Rylee. Hailey napped, Rylee didn't - she was very cranky yesterday, and awake for a lot of the day (which may explain why she's spending so much of today sleeping so far) Last night some friends I used to work with came over to meet the baby and hang out, which was great - partly because it was adult interaction and partly because I hadn't seen these particular friends in quite a while.

Today we had another party, for our friend's daughter this time. The kids got to ride ponies, which they all thought was absolutely awesome. Hailey is currently napping with her toy from her goodie bag - a unicorn, which she absolutely loves. Rylee slept through most of the morning, and most of the party, and a lot of this afternoon. I hope this doesn't mean she'll be up all night.

Last night Rylee just would not settle. I couldn't get her to settle down for a real feeding, and couldn't get her to burp, so we were not doing too well. NOTHING was making her happy, so by about midnight I was about to give in and just let her sleep in our bed. I put her down beside me and was about to feed her when she fell asleep. I moved her back into her room and got back into bed and said, "I want to watch SNL and I want to read my book but I think I'll just go to sleep. It's not like I'm going to sleep for eight uninterrupted hours." So to sleep I went. When I heard Rylee cry, I opened my eyes and thought, "Wait a minute, it's light outside. What time is it?" It was 7:10. She slept for SEVEN straight hours!!!! I can't figure out why I don't feel more rested, but anyway, it was a good night (once she finally crashed) and I'm hoping she does it again.

Hmm, it seems like I had more I wanted to say, but now Hailey is up and I'm dealing with two overtired, cranky preschoolers, so I'm suddenly not so into posting. I'm sure once I give up the computer I'll remember all the clever things I wanted to say. Oh well.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Cat in the Hat personality quiz

No, really! It's all in how you answer the question posed by Dr. Seuss at the end of the book - "Well, what would YOU do if your mother asked YOU?"

I realized this last week when reading the story to Hailey (it's her current favourite). When Sammie was going through her Cat in the Hat phase, she always felt it necessary to answer that question aloud after I finished the book, and her answer was always something like, "I would tell my mommy." Now it's Hailey' turn, and she has taken to looking at me with this big wide-eyed innocent look, shrugging, shaking her head and spreading her hands out and saying, "I din't do anyfing!"

So...what would YOU do if your mother asked YOU?

PS Thanks to those who have left comments. I like knowing who's reading. Let me know you're out there!

PPS Jeanne - I totally understand. I have often worked on the computer with a little one in my arms. I'm not usually ambitious enough to type, though. Well done!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hmm, there seems to be a limit to how long my posts can be. I had typed even more than what appears in my third post. Anyway, the breakthrough with Rylee is that she's now sleeping in her crib, instead of Mommy and Daddy's bed - yay! It means I actually have to wake up to feed her and burp her, but I stil feel more rested, and just plain happier. Which is good, because when Mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

What's with the title?

I thought and thought about what to call this blog. I had a name all picked out, then discovered someone was already using it - grr! So I thought about all my favourite books, movies, songs, band...I finally came up with I Think Magic's in the Learning. I figure there are two people I sent the link to who will recognize it. Am I wrong? Do YOU know where the title came from?

Anyway, as Daniel Cook says, here we are! (and if you know who Daniel Cook is, you obviously live in Canada and have small children). Here's what's up with my monsters:

Sammie actually got off the bus with a big smile on her face today. She's 4 and is in school for half days now. She enjoys school but has been known to come home in a mood because she wasn't the leader. I'm not sure exactly what the leader does, or how often it changes, but she hasn't been the leader yet and is not happy about it. Fortunately, school was exciting enough today for her to overlook it. Now she's looking forward to swimming lessons tonight, and two birthday parties this weekend, one of which will result in missing her indoor soccer game. Ah, four years old and a socialite already!

Hailey is a bit cranky right now because I woke her up from her nap to go meet Sammie's bus. She's 2 and doesn't want to stop playing for naps, but today I just really thought she needed the sleep. However, because it took so long to get her to sleep, she didn't wake up on her own in time to go meet Sam. Hence, cranky toddler. Oh well - a snack is helping her mood. She is also looking forward to swimming lessons tonight. She goes on her own now - what a big girl! She can't decide if she wants to be a big girl or not - she likes doing most big girl things, but does NOT want to start using the potty/toilet. Don't know why - she just says she doesn't want to. This is somewhat frustrating.

Rylee is sleeping, which, along with eating and crying, is about all she does. She is five weeks old and sleeps a lot more than I'm told one month olds need to sleep, but I'm not complaining. I wouldn't be blogging if she didn't sleep. When she's awake, she pretty much cries or eats. However, we've had a major breakthrough t

It worked!

I'm just so darned excited that I have a blog and it's up and running (as much as a blog runs, I guess) I don't really have time to post right now, I just wanted to put something else up now that I've sent the link to everyone in my address book who might be remotely interested. I need some lunch, but if Rylee co-operates, I might skip my afternoon viewing of Law and Order to blog some more. Stay tuned!


"Of course we can tell them what to do. That's why we had kids - so we can tell them what to do. If we don't have that we're just the tallest people living here."
-Tim Allen as Tim Taylor, Home Improvement

I just loved that quote. I was watching a rerun of Home Improvement recently and heard that line, and I thought, when I start my blog, I'm starting with that quote. I'm not even a big Home Improvement fan (sorry, Dad) - it was just the best choice one late afternoon while I was feeding the baby.

So, this blog will be a place where basically I keep my far-flung friends and family up-to-date on my life, and the life of my little ones. And since it's almost time to feed those little ones lunch, I will save any lengthy description of what we're up to until later - maybe I'll get a chance this afternoon, if I can time everybody's naps to coincide!